Specialist Deep Sea Shark Fishing Charter Melbourne, Victoria

This charter is perfect for the more hardcore fishermen of Victoria who aren’t afraid of targeting big fish and being offshore. Shark fishing can be adrenalin pumping experience much like our Tuna Charters.

Charter Details


Similar to the Westernport charter we leave from Stoney Point Boat Ramp (at the end of Crib Point) and travel south, past Phillip island and into the Bass Strait. Here in the deeper water the range of deep sea fish increases substantially and we can target the massive Mako Shark.



Fish Targeted

We target five main shark species: Mako Shark, Bronze Whalers, Threshers, 7 Gill Sharks and Gummy Shark. However while we are in the area we also bottom fish for other fish species including Pinkie Snapper, Tiger Flathead, Barracuda, Salmon, Squid & lots of bait fish.

Fishing for sharks can be both thrilling, exciting and strenuous due to their size and fighting instincts.


After the brunt of the Snapper season in Port Phillip Bay finishes in December we move the boat to Crib Point which gives us access to the Mornington Penisula waterway region. We are here from late December until March each year until the Portland tuna season starts in April.

How Long

This charter is a full day charter due to the distance that needs to be travelled to get to the secret fishing spots that we know.

How Much

Go to the Pricing page for up-to-date pricing information or contact Steve for an accurate quote. Standard prices are listed below so you get a rough idea of how much you are up for.

Standard prices

  • $1,200.00 for the boat for 8hrs up to 6 people
  • Deposit of $300.00 and balance owing needs to be paid in full on day of departure.




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