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We’ve been offering professional fishing charters to domestic and international clients for nearly a decade. If you want a private professional fishing tour, you’ve come to the right place. We aim to give you the best value fishing experience in Victoria that’s possible. We could take you fishing for Snapper in Port Phillip Bay, bag out with Bluefin Tuna in Portland or catch some huge sharks in the Bass Strait.

Quality Tours at a Reasonable Price

Safe and Experienced

Steve, owns and operates Bagout and he’s one of the pioneers of the charter industry in Victoria. Steve and the crew make sure your safe return is paramount but we’re also after the fish which means we often use different specialist skippers depending on the waters we’ve fishing. By using experienced, qualified skippers we can ensure you not only get a high chance of catching the species you came for but that you’ll get back in one piece. All charters are weather dependent and your safety is essential, so we don’t rope you into booking a charter unless there’s reasonably good conditions for fishing. We are an experienced crew with a hot passion for fishing. Mix that with a true blue Aussie sense of humour and your almost guaranteed a great day on the water. The best fishing charters are about more than just standing on a boat fishing, they are about spending time with good friends, in the outdoors, having a laugh, a drink or two and enjoying the thrill of the hunt.

High Strike Rate

We’d love to guarantee that you’ll catch something every time, after all it’s called ‘fishing’ for a reason. However, we’ll always do everything we can to go that extra strep to maximise your chances. We’ll try different hot spots, increase the berly trail, mix up the bait, try some soft plastics or lures and more. With that said, it’s pretty rare that we come back to port empty handed.Make sure your operator is compliant with the necessary safety requirements and we always plan for the worst case scenario. Your safety is our top priority.

Quality Fish-Focused with Seasonal Timing

There’s quite a few other operators out there who will take you on the water whenever you want, in whatever conditions. Our big difference is that we only operate when the conditions are just right. During the winter months, we run fewer trips and avoid venturing out in turbulent weather.

There’s nothing worse than being ripped off by a dodgy operator. If you’re going to spend your hard-earned money with us we are going to ensure that we do everything in our power to deliver. No skimping on fuel, no skimping on gear or bait. You get a proper stint on the water and we’re not happy until you catch something or laugh trying.

By following the natural seasonal migration of fish and combining this with local experience we maximise your fish catching opportunities. Note: we port at three different places throughout the year. Carrum (South East Melbourne), Stoney Point (ease side of Mornington Peninsula) and Portland (far South West Victoria)

Our fishing trips range from 5 hour snapper tours in Port Phillip bay during late Spring to full day deep sea charters in Portland chasing one of the best sport fish in the world, the Southern Bluefin Tuna. The December to March period will see us relocate to Westernport on the Mornington Peninsula where we fish the Bass Strait and Westernport Bay areas which are great for shark fishing, whiting, snapper and squid.

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Browse this website and if you have any questions or want to pre-book, don’t hesitate to call the owner Steve personally on 0427 373 397 at any time. We’re a small specialist tight-nit operation. If no one answers, we’re most likely fishing so leave a message.

  • david

    Thank you for a great day Sun 6 April with you guys and the Colonel! My first blue water charter and what a pearler! You put us right on the money with 9 taken. Thank you very very much.


  • ron

    Just wanted to thank you again for a fabulous fishing trip. You run a very professional outfit with a great boat. people don’t appreciate how much hard work and expense is involved to catch those fabulous fish. Love to do it again!

    Ron Gipp

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