Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing in Victoria

If you’re an angler or you’re planning to go fishing soon, then Victoria presents a perfect spot to set your trap and, hopefully, haul in your catch.

First, you need to choose between saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing. But this depends on the type of fish you want to catch.

Freshwater Fishing

Victoria is known for its brimming freshwater lakes, rivers, estuaries, inlets, and bays.

These freshwater bodies provide good catches from boat or from shore, and the fish you can catch include trout, golden perch, redfin, and Murray cod. Did you know that Murray cod is Australia’s largest freshwater fish?

Freshwater fishing isn’t just restricted to lakes, rivers, streams, and reservoirs. If you’re patient enough, you can head down into the farms and try your luck there, where you’re guaranteed a catch.

And these aren’t your typical freshwater fish; they’re well-fed and nutritious. Harrietville’s Mountain, Buxton Trout, Tuki Trout, and Salmon Farm are all found in Victoria.

You can take your catch home or ask the owners to cook it up to your liking. The lush Blue Rock Lake, Lake Eildon, Aron River, and Wimmera River are all top fishing spots in the Murray region.

Saltwater Fishing

You have plenty of options when it comes to hooking game in Victorian waters. From salmon, tuna, and shark, to kingfish and snapper, you’ll find a fish for every taste.

Just get your hands on a boat and head down to the water. Buy a boat or use a fishing charter to snap up the best catch during the annual snapper migration on the Mornington Peninsula.

Other beauties to catch on Port Phillip Bay include elephant fish, school shark, gummy shark, and squid. You can also try your hand at surf fishing around Gippsland, Corinella and the wild waters near the Great Ocean Road.

In addition to surf fishing, be sure to try some pier fishing in Victoria’s Apollo Bay and Lorne.