What to Bring for Deep Sea Fishing

Planning to go deep-sea fishing in Victoria? Use this guide to know what you should bring along.


When you go deep-sea fishing in Victoria, the most important thing to remember is that the weather is unpredictable. It may change without giving any signals. You want to make sure that you’re prepared for anything. Pack the following if you want to be comfortable throughout the trip:

  • Light clothing: keeps cool under the scorching sun in Victoria
  • Rain gear and windbreaker: as mentioned above, the weather might change anytime. So you need some suitable clothing to keep you warm when you feel chilly early in the morning or late in the evening. Rain gear will protect you from the downpours and sea sprays, while a windbreaker will protect you against the unforgiving winds.
  • Sunglasses: polarised glasses are a must to protect your eyes from the sun and the glare of the sea. Plus, what a nice way to see your catch?
  • Hat: protects your eyes from the sun and keeps your head cool.


You can never underestimate the sun, even on the cloudiest days. The sun and its reflection off the ocean may be lovely to look at, but this is not so nice on your skin. You’ll probably stay on the waters for extended periods if you go deep sea fishing, so be sure to bring with you sunscreen to protect against sunburns. A sunscreen with SPF 50 will do the magic.

First Aid

You want to make sure that you pack a few extras to keep your trip safe and comfortable. Stomach upsets and other sea sicknesses due to water motion might ruin your day. Plus, you may get an unexpected cut when hauling in your catch. Be sure to pack painkillers, seasickness medication, hand sanitizers, band-aids, and other first aid items.

Be sure to also bring along insect-repellant to keep away bugs. Have a blast in your deep sea fishing experience?